I’d had two previous driving instructors and didn’t think I could pass. But, I’d set a target of ‘by my 30th birthday’ and tried again. Geoff was very patient with me as I was very nervous and to be fair useless, or so I thought! Using diagrams and clear explanation everything became clear and I grasped what was required. Some things were not easy, like hill starts and reversing, but Geoff taught me ways to overcome and master things. I loved the way he didn’t get cross or shout, even after the 10th attempt at something! He just talked to me and we tried again. With Geoff’s patience, encouragement and faith in me I passed first time and I’m proud of that. I miss our chats and Polo’s, but am glad I had the chance to learn and pass with Geoff and I do recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.