Terms & Conditions

  1. Pupils must hold a current driving licence and allow me access to check its validity.
  2. I must be advised of any changes to your licence, health or eyesight, promptly.
  3. Lesson fees should be paid either at the end of the lesson, or pre-paid.
  4. Any pre-paid balances will be refunded immediately on request, at any time & in full.
  5. 48 hours’ notice of cancellation is requested, otherwise the lesson is chargeable. However, if late cancellations are necessary due to Covid-19, no charge will be made.
  6. I shall advise you as far in advance as possible, should I need to cancel a lesson.
  7. Any requests I make regarding working around Covid-19 risks must be observed. Also, due to Covid-19 any new requirements introduced by insurance companies, with regard to medical questionnaires or indemnity waivers, will have to be accepted and dealt with in retrospect, if lessons are to be continued.
  8. Before the start of a lesson I may ask if you have had a recent Covid test and if you have, what the result was.  I will not ask to see a result, but will note your reply. 
  9. A pupil’s pre-planned lesson may be re-scheduled as necessary, should another pupil have a driving test booked which clashes with their scheduled lesson.
  10. I am happy to book practical tests on behalf of pupils (at no additional cost).
  11. If you do not wish me to book the practical test, I require to be consulted before a test is booked, in order to be satisfied that the pupil ‘should’ be ready in time for the test.
  12. I reserve the right to withhold the use of my car for the Driving Test, if I believe the pupil is not ready for test.  Similarly, I will not accompany a pupil to test in their own car if I do not believe that pupil is ready for their test.
  13. I cannot be held responsible should the DVSA cancel a test, for whatever reason.  In the event of a cancellation, I will assist regarding re-booking or obtaining a refund.
  14. The pupil, or parent, will be asked to sign these T’s & C’s indicating that the above is acceptable to them.