Learning with Geoff was one of the best decisions I could have made and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor if I’d tried. His techniques to learn manouevres are brilliant and unforgettable! Geoff stuck by me through the hard times, worries, anxiety and doubts and never once gave up on me. I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today without him, or my licence for that matter! He’s such an easy going and friendly guy but firm when needed, would recommend him to anybody and I already have! The thing I loved most about learning with Geoff is that no matter if you passed 1st time or 10th time, (Charlie didn’t pass first time – but she certainly did not get anywhere near10 attempts either. Geoff) is that Geoff’s main target is not just to help you to pass the test; it is to make sure you become a safe and confident driver before you no longer need him. Thank you Geoff, for everything. Wouldn’t be where I am without you!