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Highly recommended

A great instructor who has great empathy with the learner. Geoff taught both our daughters to drive well and safely. He taught them so much more than just to pass their test; which they both did first time. Highly recommended as an instructor who is patient, very encouraging and has a great sense of humour.

Mr C Schofield (father of Emily and Rebecca Schofield)

Helpful and supportive

Learning to drive with Geoff was one of the best decisions I could have made as a learner driver. Not only did he help build my confidence, but Geoff enforced a positive, safe and structured driving style that I still use nearly two years later. He always remained professional, helpful and supportive. I have and will continue to recommend Geoff as a driving instructor. He genuinely cares about his students and he works hard to help them reach their goals.

Danielle Lewis

Fantastic job

I spent 17 years putting off learning to drive and was extremely nervous when I finally started. Geoff was the best teacher I could have asked for. He was through yet easy going, focused yet friendly and he did a fantastic job of making me feel as if I could actually pass. He let me learn at my own pace and was realistic about what I was capable of every step of the way. In the end I passed first time; the only person I knew who was sure I could do that was Geoff.

Ross Williams

Would recommend him to anybody

Geoff taught me to drive last year. He was really patient and made everything very easy for me to understand. He has a really useful library of tips and procedures which help you remember all the key processes needed to drive safely and considerately. I really enjoyed my time with Geoff and would recommend him to anybody looking for a good driving instructor.

Izzie Marinos

I found his teaching style extremely helpful

Learning to drive with Geoff was a fantastic experience. He helped me to become confident in my driving and reassured me every step of the way. I found his teaching style extremely helpful and the mock test we did a few weeks before my test prepared me and gave me that added confidence I needed on the big day. I am so happy to have passed first time with Geoff, on the downside I miss my weekly catch up with him!

Luke Scriven

Geoff was a fantastic driving instructor

Geoff was a fantastic Driving Instructor during the time I was learning to drive. He made me feel confident in my driving ability and reassured me whenever I felt anxious. He was happy to provide me with extra help in the areas I struggled and this is what I believed helped me pass 1st time. I believe that Geoff has left me with the skills to drive safely now and in the future.

Jess Goldsworthy

Geoff is an excellent instructor

Geoff is an excellent instructor. My previous instructor was too abrupt for me and so my confidence stalled. Geoff however has the patience to help build up your belief in yourself behind the wheel. He is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of learning to drive from the show and tell to the theory material. Without his calm explanations and his belief in you I feel I would have taken a lot longer to pass. Which I did first time.

James Carver

I passed first time

I passed first time with Geoff, with only one minor. His teaching style was fantastic; he was patient and calm, whilst giving me all the information, confidence and practice to be a good and safe driver. I used to really enjoy and look forward to my lessons every week.

Molly Smith

Straight away Geoff put me at ease

I came to Geoff through several recommendations from close friends. I’d previously had lessons with another instructor and found myself losing confidence. After a few weeks, I decided to ring Geoff. I started my lessons and by the end of the first lesson I already knew I’d done the right thing. Straight away Geoff put me at my ease with his calmness and sense of humour. He is very thorough and is happy to spend the extra minute sitting and discussing important aspects of driving rather than rushing to get you through the test. And even when things got tough, and 45 minutes before my test a bay park saw me three spaces out, all it took was a quick Geoff pep talk and I passed my test. I went on to take Pass Plus with Geoff, but I’m not sure if it was to better my driving, lower my insurance, or just to spend more time driving with Geoff! Thank you Geoff for all your advice and support.

Jack Wills

Geoff managed to rebuild my confidence

I met Geoff when I was let down by a previous driving instructor, not only Geoff managed to re-build my confidence, but also because of him I changed my attitude towards driving itself – it became a second safe nature rather than a chore. I would recommend Geoff as driving instructor because I know for sure, Geoff’s main goal isn’t just to help you pass the test, but to make sure you will become yet another safe, confident and skilled driver on the road. Thank you, Geoff!!!

Iulia Malearciuc-Arnold

Rewarding learning experience

I found Geoff’s teaching style very easy to get on with. He teaches everything thoroughly and has good ways to remember the systems which I found really helpful! I definitely recommend learning with Geoff for an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience!

Jack Conway

Geoff was very patient with me as I was very nervous

I’d had two previous driving instructors and didn’t think I could pass. But, I’d set a target of ‘by my 30th birthday’ and tried again. Geoff was very patient with me as I was very nervous and to be fair useless, or so I thought! Using diagrams and clear explanation everything became clear and I grasped what was required. Some things were not easy, like hill starts and reversing, but Geoff taught me ways to overcome and master things. I loved the way he didn’t get cross or shout, even after the 10th attempt at something! He just talked to me and we tried again. With Geoff’s patience, encouragement and faith in me I passed first time and I’m proud of that. I miss our chats and Polo’s, but am glad I had the chance to learn and pass with Geoff and I do recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Rebecca Payne

Brilliant and unforgettable!

Learning with Geoff was one of the best decisions I could have made and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor if I’d tried. His techniques to learn manouevres are brilliant and unforgettable! Geoff stuck by me through the hard times, worries, anxiety and doubts and never once gave up on me. I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today without him, or my licence for that matter! He’s such an easy going and friendly guy but firm when needed, would recommend him to anybody and I already have! The thing I loved most about learning with Geoff is that no matter if you passed 1st time or 10th time, (Charlie didn’t pass first time – but she certainly did not get anywhere near10 attempts either. Geoff) is that Geoff’s main target is not just to help you to pass the test; it is to make sure you become a safe and confident driver before you no longer need him. Thank you Geoff, for everything. Wouldn’t be where I am without you!

Charlotte Zaccariello

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