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UK driving licence


Before you can drive a car on the roads you must be in possession of a Provisional Driving Licence.

If you wish, you can have your first lesson on your 17th Birthday (Several of my pupils pre-book several months in advance to ensure they can do this – some birthday present!).

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UK theory test

Theory Test

Before you can apply to take your practical test, you must have passed your theory test. This is a two part exam which starts with 50 multiple choice questions and follows with the Hazard Perception test comprising a number of film clips containing hazards which you should identify.

This exam is taken in an office, in front of a computer.

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UK practical test

Practical Test

The Practical test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and covers a variety of roads and traffic conditions. It includes a manoeuvre (an exercise involving reversing) and possibly an emergency stop. For approximately half of the test you will be given directions to follow by the examiner, whilst for the other half, you will either be asked to follow road signs towards a destination, or from a SatNav. You will also be asked to perform a 'show me' task whilst driving.

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show me tell me

Show Me Tell Me Questions

Before starting your test you will be given a simple eyesight test "Please read that number plate" and then be asked one of the 'Show Me, Tell Me' questions from this list. This list also includes the 'show me' questions, one of which you will be asked to perform whilst driving.

Show me Tell me Questions

highway code

Study Material

The Official DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) Theory Kit.

This is a two disc DVD set containing everything you need to prepare for the multiple choice questions and hazard perception clips.

The Official DVSA Theory Kit for Car Drivers.

This is a book containing everything you need to study for the multiple choice questions.

The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception

This is the DVD containing hazard perception practice clips and you will need this as well if you opt for the theory questions in book format.

The Highway Code (Essential)

Know your Road Signs (Recommended)

  • All of the above are available from the usual sources, both online and in the shops.
  • Also, I have them in stock and can supply at discounted prices, should you wish.
  • There is also an endless supply of alternative study material available on the web, much of which I do not sanction. Better to stick to the DVSA stuff, after all it's their tests you're taking! If in doubt, just ask me.
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